Monday, February 15, 2010

Long time no see!

Well I hope everyone had a fab Valentines Day - Shaun surprised me with a trip to Longleat! (and a dozen
Red Roses and teddy bear that I have named Russell!) Oh how I do love watching Animal Park when I have the chance. I said that I had wanted to go before the winter season closed - but as my flare up started I did not end up going anywhere. I was so happy, we left at 8.30am so we arrived for the 10.30 opening - But I did not even know where we were going until we arrived at the entrance! Every sign that said Longleat I had a sharp "Head down"! What a fantastic place and it was lovely and quiet so it was really relaxing walking around and taking Photos - I loved the Safari but the House itself is just breath taking - Really adds to the whole experience. Shaun had paid the week before Valentines - Although to be honest I was shocked at the price for the passport ticket - £24.00 an adult, Shaun had a discount as he pre-paid online and as I am disabled it was only £10 for myself, But if we were paying full price and if we had children it would have been a rather expensive!

I have been cross-stitching and card-making, but as I still cannot find my missing camera I have been recently lacking in updating my Blog! I have been taking photographs of everything - so as soon as Shaun can sort all this out with his camera (his SD card has gone "missing"  - I swear we have hiding Fairies around here!) then I can upload everything.

Shaun LOVED his Valentines day card and the Scrapbook that I had made him (took photos - don't worry!) and I even recieved a homemade card that I absolutely love - it just means so much more when it is not shop bought.

Tonight I purchase 3 stamp collections by Tim Holtz - Oh I love the designs so much and to be honest I just could not resists (especially when Shaun agrees that they were a good price!) I bought the Visual Artistry Collection - Lost & Found (My Fav!) paid £13 - Life's Possibilite's paid £7!! and Urban Grunge for £7 - Could not believe when I won them.

Hopefully I will upload all these card photographs soon and my pretty T.H Stamps!!

Gemm x

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day out. Have you found your camera yet - would love to see the pics. Jaqui x