Monday, February 15, 2010

Long time no see!

Well I hope everyone had a fab Valentines Day - Shaun surprised me with a trip to Longleat! (and a dozen
Red Roses and teddy bear that I have named Russell!) Oh how I do love watching Animal Park when I have the chance. I said that I had wanted to go before the winter season closed - but as my flare up started I did not end up going anywhere. I was so happy, we left at 8.30am so we arrived for the 10.30 opening - But I did not even know where we were going until we arrived at the entrance! Every sign that said Longleat I had a sharp "Head down"! What a fantastic place and it was lovely and quiet so it was really relaxing walking around and taking Photos - I loved the Safari but the House itself is just breath taking - Really adds to the whole experience. Shaun had paid the week before Valentines - Although to be honest I was shocked at the price for the passport ticket - £24.00 an adult, Shaun had a discount as he pre-paid online and as I am disabled it was only £10 for myself, But if we were paying full price and if we had children it would have been a rather expensive!

I have been cross-stitching and card-making, but as I still cannot find my missing camera I have been recently lacking in updating my Blog! I have been taking photographs of everything - so as soon as Shaun can sort all this out with his camera (his SD card has gone "missing"  - I swear we have hiding Fairies around here!) then I can upload everything.

Shaun LOVED his Valentines day card and the Scrapbook that I had made him (took photos - don't worry!) and I even recieved a homemade card that I absolutely love - it just means so much more when it is not shop bought.

Tonight I purchase 3 stamp collections by Tim Holtz - Oh I love the designs so much and to be honest I just could not resists (especially when Shaun agrees that they were a good price!) I bought the Visual Artistry Collection - Lost & Found (My Fav!) paid £13 - Life's Possibilite's paid £7!! and Urban Grunge for £7 - Could not believe when I won them.

Hopefully I will upload all these card photographs soon and my pretty T.H Stamps!!

Gemm x

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cherry Kisses Princess Card.

Evening Everyone

Well Me and Shaun stayed in today as it was my first Saturday off work in such a long time - So while he done his own thing - I decided to have a play around with all my new Promarkers - Shaun had also bought me the Cherry Kisses digital stamp pack so picked the princess one to colour in - I was really happy with the outcome and decided to carry on and make a Happy Birthday Card. I used a christmas paper mania back ground and Distressed Ink the Card strip with Tim Holtz Antique Paper to get a better Gold effect.

ProMarkers Used :
Hair - Walnut and Chestnut.
Skin - Blush and Dusty Pink.
Dress - Pastel Blue, Cyan, Duck Egg, Meadow Green.
Crown - Pastel Pink and Duck Egg.

The writing is 'Birthday Wishes' but the light has reflected on it when taking the Photo - Opps!

Hope you all like it and all comments are welcome.
Hope everyone is having a good night.
Gemm x

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Evening

Well Hello Everyone - Its beeen a while but have been a little busy so havene been slacking! Well Shaun has been fantastic last weekend - He dismantaled my old desk, Drove me to Ikea to pick a new one (Had Expedit range) and Built it all up for me and then even put everything back onto my new desk - Really Fab considering he did not leave me lift a finger. Oh and he took me to HobbyCraft to buy some Pro Markers :) So that was Sunday just gone and today is Thursday and already I am a proud owner of now 26 Pro Markers (I bought 11 and Shaun Surprised me with 10 more!)

I have been making cards but have lacked on taking any photos! So must get that sorted straight away - Also a photo of my new craft desk shall be up soon and Ive still been plodding my way through my Cross-Stitching.

I have the weekend off work this week (which is rare) so will be using my ProMarkers to make some new cards (Even Shaun is getting in on the act and really loves the Promarkers - Except he loves colouring in the Manga women over actually making a card! hehee!) I promise to take photos this weekend and post them up.

Hope everyone is well


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to the stitching last night

Well last night I done a tad more stitching on the Cut Thru - I havent done any today as I am not feeling to good so held back even though I am absolutely dying to pick it up right now and site here for a couple of hours... A quick picture to update you all :)

I hate looking at the clock because I totally messed it up and it is supposed to be two stitches wider... but I dont understand as I follwed it exactly... I am really frustrated with it as I went to far into it to unpick the stitches - So now I have to fill in the missing bits with the pink background.

Well I hope everyone has a great night - Im watching Brothers and Sisters - I love this programme so much!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Step away from the Cross-Stitch!

Evening Everyone

Well I have decided to take a day break from the Cross-Stitch and make some cards - I do not normally make many cards - but I ordered beautiful items from Craft Superstore that was just perfect to make some cards...

This is a card that is made for my Dad's Birthday in March and he will be 64 (He's a painter and decorator so it is perfect!)

This is for my Mother ready for Mother's Day (Made well ahead of time!) I have also made one for OH's Mother - I do not want to spoilt the surprise by posting it on here just incase she see's it!

This is just one of many Birthday Cards that I want to make in the coming months and will give to friends

I also made OH's Valentine's Day Card but I know he looks on here - So will post it after Valentine's Day so again will not spoil the surprise - It is really gorgeous - Simple but gorgeous.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello and Welcome

Hello Everyone and welcome to my Blog called 'Candy Cane Crafts'. Lets Introduce myself - My name is Gemma and I love crafting. Mostly Scrapbooking and Cross-sticthing but also Card-Making and going through new techniques. I will update my blog with the pictures of my progress of all the different crafts but also a few bits about me along the way.

On the 9th of January my other half Shaun took me to Hobbycarft to pick out a new cross sticth. I was delighted when I picked Cut Thru' Princess Palace - It truly is a fantastic design. The finished size is 26cm by 35cm and is the biggest cross stitch that I have started before. I have been stitching this design now on and off for two weeks and along the way have been taking lots of photos.

This is the start of the first session of putting in the background wallpaper in one of the rooms.

Putting in the chair in the Princess Room - I am dreading all this backstitching but decided that I shall be putting that in last-ish :)

Adding in the cake and the flowers - Looks a tad plain without any back stitching but I can see all my work coming together now

A Close-up. I stayed up late into the night to get the floorboards done

And then the Snow came and I was stuck indoors for one week as I could not risk falling and so the cross stitching marathon started....

And so this is where I am now... and still stitching... with a big mug of tea :)